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Originally created back in 1963 by legendary Marvel Comics doyen Stan Lee, Iron Man used to be a superhero confined solely to the pages of comic books. Once Iron Man debuted as a fully-fledged Hollywood blockbuster movie in 2008, however, the character’s popularity was instantly catapulted into the stratosphere, creating millions of new fans worldwide. Moviegoers and critics alike lauded Robert Downey Jr.’s brilliant portrayal of billionaire Tony Stark as Iron Man, and the movie grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide. It’s no surprise then that Downey Jr. was called upon to reprise his role in two sequels, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3, each of which have been box office smashes in their own right.

Generally speaking, the adaptation of comic book superheroes to the big screen has been a blazing hot trend over the last decade. It could be argued that the production of The Avengers was the greatest success of all, as it featured multiple popular Marvel Comics superheroes, including Downey Jr.’s Iron Man – though of course he took a more supporting role rather than the lead.

Most Popular Slot Games at Titanbet Casino Feature Iron Man

Here at Titanbet Casino, we’ve catered to the desires of our players and have released many Marvel Comics-themed slot games. With Iron Man being one of the most popular Marvel characters of all, we thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at the four slot games he’s featured in and see which of them is number one.

Instead of doing a standard Marvel Comics slots review – where we’d profile one of Marvel’s most popular slot games, in this Iron Man slots review comparison we’ll be contrasting FOUR of our most popular slot games: Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, and The Avengers – each of which feature the incomparable Iron Man character.


First, a word about the “seedings” and Round 1 matchups. We decided it was fairest to pit Iron Man slots versus its immediate sequel in the first round while matching up Iron Man 3 slots against The Avengers slots to start off. This is based on simple chronological order, as the former two games came out first whereas the latter two games are new recent releases. In a sense then, this slots battle will feature the winner of the “old school” Iron Man slot games versus the better of the two newer slot games featuring Iron Man.


Moreover, one point of comparison is uniform across all four of the slot games: they’re all linked to the four Marvel Mystery progressive jackpots. In other words, whichever of these four games you sit down to play, you might get really lucky and end up instantly scoring a huge win that could make you a millionaire and change your life forever!

Round 1: Iron Man Slots vs. Iron Man 2 Slots

The Case for Iron Man Slots

The trailblazer among many of Marvel’s most popular slot games, Iron Man slots pack quite the punch. It was among the first video slot games to innovate the expanding wild feature, which players have grown to love (and why wouldn’t they?!), as this makes winning combinations that much more common.



There’s also the thrilling Missile Attack Bonus round, in which players can channel their inner superhero and shoot down missiles to win free games, multipliers, and (of course) cash prizes! The fact that an infinite number of free spins can be won (in principle) during this bonus round makes Iron Man slots a must-play game in our book.

The one chink in this game’s armor (see what we did there? J) is that the symbols adorning the reels have more of a cartoonish feel than we’re used to from the newer Marvel-themed games. This is specifically evident in the image of Robert Downey Jr.


The Case for Iron Man 2 Slots

Way back in mid-February of 2011, we announced the debut of Iron Man 2 slots at Titanbet Casino. What this game definitely has going in its favor is that the images adorning the reels capture the true look of characters from the Iron Man 2 movie. You’ll see Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Mickey Rourke in character as Iron Man, Black Widow, and Whiplash, respectively. This is a definite advantage this slots game has over the original Iron Man game. Plus, there’s a pretty cool free games feature in which you can win 10 free spins with an increasing multiplier (every two spins) if you land three or more Iron Man logos on the reels simultaneously. That said, however, what’s sorely lacking in this game is a bonus round to further get your adrenaline pumping.


Verdict: As with most movies that spawn sequels, we feel that the original Iron Man slot game has the edge over its immediate successor. The big difference maker to us is the existence of the bonus game in the original Iron Man slots versus no bonus game in Iron Man 2. Especially considering how Iron Man slots obviously came first, it’s pretty astonishing that Playtech didn’t program a bonus round into the Iron Man 2 slots game.


Round 1: Iron Man 3 Slots vs. The Avengers Slots

The Case for Iron Man 3 Slots

It’s universally agreed that the coolest thing about Iron Man is the technologically enhanced suit of armor. Thus, it’s natural for the coolness factor to be amplified when multiple Iron Man suits of armor are in play. This is precisely what Iron Man 3 slots brings to the table for casino game player enthusiasts, with Mark 42, War Machine, and Iron Patriot symbols complementing the Iron Man symbol across the game’s reels.



Enhanced features of Iron Man 3 slots include a unique All Systems Go Re-spin feature, where landing the right superhero symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 simultaneously earns you an extra opportunity to win bonus money during a free re-spin. Plus, there’s the Hall of Armor free games series in which players can choose from among the different modes (Mark 42, War Machine, and Iron Patriot) to utilize freezing wilds, random wilds, and dynamic multipliers in order to win extra cash. Best of all, within any of the three free games modes, extra free spins can be triggered indefinitely!


The Case for The Avengers Slots

It goes without saying that the main attraction of playing The Avengers slots is the chance that players have to see a unified team of all-star superheroes combined into one amazing game. To be sure, and just like in the blockbuster movie, Iron Man plays a significant role in this slots game, but there’s also Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America to be entertained by as all of their respective symbols grace the reels.

For starters, players can win an amazing 200x their line bet if they manage to line up all the Avengers on a payline. This is called the Avengers Assemble on Reels feature. Beyond that, there’s the phenomenal Wall of Heroes Bonus round, which is triggered anytime three or more Avengers scatter symbols land on the reels during the main game. Once activated, players will attempt to launch any of four different free game modes themed after the main Avenger superheroes. If successful, extra wilds, multipliers and “bells and whistles galore” have the potential to make you rich – we’re talking Tony Stark rich!


Verdict: Though Iron Man 3 is a slots game with plenty of firepower of its own, it simply cannot match the combined force put forth by The Avengers slots’ team of superheroes. Just as The Avengers film has edged out Iron Man 3 in terms of worldwide box office (over $1.5 billion vs. over $1.2 billion), so too it slips past the third installment of Iron Man as the better of the two slot games at Titanbet Casino.



Round 2: Iron Man Slots vs. The Avengers Slots

After disposing of the competition in the first round, Iron Man slots take on The Avengers slots in a battle of the titans in order to determine which of the two is the best slot game featuring the Iron Man character. Read on for the conclusion of this special Marvel Comics slots review.


Iron Man Slots’ Achilles Heel

As in its first round victory over Iron Man 2, Iron Man continues to exhibit plenty of overall strength. Like many film trilogies, fans keep flocking back to the original to see how the story all began. The same can be said of Iron Man slots, as its popularity hasn’t waned since its debut at Titanbet Casino. This is despite having been succeeded not once, but twice, by slot game sequels. That said, when going up against such a super-strong slots game like The Avengers, even the best games can’t afford to have a weakness – which Iron Man slots do. Its lack of real character symbols and reliance on cartoonish substitutes takes away ever so slightly from an otherwise fantastic slot game experience.



The Avengers Are Just Too Powerful

In any team game, if one member of the team starts to falter the other members of the team will be there to support him/her. Therein lies the hidden strength of The Avengers slots. Just as you might get tired of one superhero-themed game mode, there’s another superhero-themed game mode to pick up the slack and keep on entertaining you. Titanbet Casino’s The Avengers slots fly high as a game that’s practically impervious to boredom. It’s simply impossible not to feel like a winner while you’re playing.



Verdict: Whereas Iron Man on his own might very possibly defeat any individual member of the Avengers ensemble of superheroes, taking on a whole group of them on his own is simply too much for one man, even an Iron Man, to handle. The unrelenting, hard-hitting action of the Iron Man character teamed up with a number of fellow superhero buddies in The Avengers slots is simply irresistible. Thus, we’ve got to cast our final vote for The Avengers slots over Iron Man slots.


Which superhero rules? You decide! 

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So there you have it, when all’s said and done we think The Avengers takes the cake as the top online slot game featuring the Iron Man character. Having said that, take our quiz to answer the age-old question: 'How well do you really know Marvel heroes?'

Sure, it’s possible that you may not agree with our choice of The Avengers and may instead prefer one of the three Iron Man slot games. It’s also possible – and we think quite likely – that you’ll find yourself enjoying all four online slot games that feature Iron Man. If that’s the case we recommend you log in to Titanbet Casino to play on the Web and take advantage of the unique multi-screen feature, which allows you to play all four games simultaneously!



If you think any of the other three Titanbet Casino slot games that feature Iron Man are a superior choice to The Avengers slots, we’re happy to hear your opinion on it in the comments section below.

Regardless of however you feel about our Iron Man slots review comparison, we’re sure you’ll agree that this is a great debate! Share this post with your friends!




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