How Well Do You Know Marvel Superheroes?

Think you know your Spiderman from your Captain America? How about your Avengers from your X-Men?

Put your Marvel where your mouth is and take our quiz. 


With so many amazing Marvel characters to choose from, it can be tricky to remember which Marvel superhero is which. You have the radioactives – The Hulk, Wolverine and Spiderman, for example – and also the geniuses – Iron Man, the X-Men, etc.

But did you know that your favourite Marvel characters weren’t always as you might have thought? Since the beginning, when Marvel was established in New York in the 1930s, Marvel superheroes have been and gone, changed and developed, and some weren’t even superheroes in the first place.

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Surprising Marvel Heroes Facts

As we’ve discussed before, the Marvel universe is a strange one, with many surprising twists and turns.

But there are even more. Unrelated to the amazing selection of Marvel slots we have here at Titanbet Casino, there are some interesting, other stories to be heard about the Marvel characters.

Take Rick Jones, for example. He’s a professional sidekick in the Marvel universe, having supported both The Hulk, The Avengers and other Marvel heroes, before acquiring his own powers and becoming a creature called A-Bomb.

Talking of the Marvel universe – did you know that it has its own in-universe clean up team, following the Marvel superheroes’ carnage and chaos around, just waiting to clean up after them? They’re called Damage Control, and according to, they ‘rebuild New York City in between fight scenes, so that everything looks normal again in time for the next fight scene.’

And, speaking of which – back in the 1970s, Spiderman has a particularly nasty, real-world (kind of) enemy. Made of, erm, a swarm of bees, was called ‘Swarm’ (of bees, you see) and was a Nazi, having been a top scientist in the Hitler administration, later fleeing to South America after the fall of the Nazis. Yes, you really did read that correctly.

While we’re on the subject of strange transformations, not even our favourite Marvel characters are immune. His is why, for a short period, Captain America, the defender of the brave and a true blue hero, was transformed for a time into a werewolf. ‘Capwolf’ later was returned to his proper human form.

One huge transformation which was quietly dropped concerns a member of Marvel’s Norse god contingent. Loki, adopted brother-turned-arch-enemy of Thor, used to have a particular weakness to water – so much so, that he was deemed powerless if he got wet in any way. Weird, right? 



Marvellous Marvel slots and more

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