Email Filtering Instructions

Titanbet Casino has many weekly promotions and extra bonuses to offer all of our players. In order to get the maximum treatment that you deserve, make sure that you are receiving the casino mail that we send out.


Are You Receiving Our Emails?

If you are not receiving our emails with our big bonus offers, it could be because of your email filtering settings in your email account. Internet service providers install powerful anti-spam filters to ensure that their customers only get the emails they want to receive. Some emails might get blocked in the filtering process, so add Titanbet Casino to your "safe list" and be blown away with our massive weekly promotions and extra bonuses!


Keep Yourself Updated

In order to keep yourself updated with our mailers and to ensure you are receiving our emails, follow the steps below.


a) Follow the simple instructions for each service provider (listed below) and add us to your safe list.


b) Contact our support team to ensure that you are subscribed to receive our emails.


c) Make sure your complete address is updated.


Following this procedure should work seamlessly for any of the following webmail accounts: Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live, and Yahoo!, and may differ slightly for players using other email service providers.


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