Getting Started

If this is your first time in an online casino then we have all the help you need for getting started. With information on creating an account, playing internet games and general tips and tricks you'll be ready to play roulette, blackjack, slots and all your favorite casino games in no time at all.

The world of online gambling is an exciting one and it is never more exhilarating than when you enter Titanbet Casino. The intoxicating mix of sublime graphics and great payouts will take your breath away. So where to begin?


Creating an Account

The first thing you need to do is set up an account. This is extremely simple and can be done in one of two ways.


1) After you download Titanbet Casino, double click on the Titanbet Casino icon on your desktop. Once the casino is loaded, click ‘Play For Real Money’. You will then be prompted to set up a new account. Just fill in the required fields with your personal details (make sure they’re correct so you can later collect on your winnings) and you’re ready to start playing. Once the registration is complete you will be assigned a username.


2) You can also sign up for instant web play by clicking the ‘Register now!’ link anywhere on the site. The signup process is the same.


Keep in mind that once you’ve created a Titanbet Casino account, you can use the same username and password whichever way you choose to play.


Logging In

If you have chosen to download Titanbet Casino, once the casino has loaded you will be taken to the Login page where you will be prompted to enter your username and password. If you wish, this is where you can enter a nickname for yourself to be used in our Live and multiplayer casino games.


Each time you want to log in thereafter, just double click the Titanbet Casino icon on your desktop to get started and follow the easy prompts.


If you would like to play directly online, simply enter your username and password in the correct fields in the top right corner of the site, or click on the game you wish to play (again anywhere on the site) and enter your log in details when prompted.


Entering the Casino

While you can play all of your favorite games directly from the Titanbet Casino website, you can only access the full casino lobby by downloading Titanbet Casino.


After you have logged in, you arrive at the casino lobby. This is the grand entrance of Titanbet Casino and provides everything you need to navigate your way around the casino. Listed down the two sides of the lobby are all the games available for you to play. These are divided into categories to help you find what you are looking for. Along the bottom of the casino lobby are various pieces of information and options. These include:


Current Balance - This displays the balance in your casino account. Underneath your balance is a cashier button for easy access to the casino cashier when you wish to make deposits and withdrawals.


Online Support - If you ever need help while you are in Titanbet Casino, simply click this icon and you will be connected to our dedicated, 24 hour Support team.


Help - Clicking this link opens up the casino help window where you will find general information on how to use the casino (including cashier assistance), as well as specific game details and rules.


Options - This option lets you personalize the casino as described below.


Latest Promotions - If you wish to view the latest superb promotion that is on offer, click on this link and a new page will open with the offer's details.


Contact Us - Rather than having to refer back to the website, if you wish to contact us during a session in the casino you can click here to reveal our telephone numbers and e-mail address.


Customizing the Casino

This fantastic feature allows you to customize the casino and choose your own particular settings. You can access the feature by clicking on the 'Options' button in the bottom right corner. Among the features that you can personalize are sound, game speed, how games are viewed and much, much more!


Playing a Game

To start playing a game, you must first select that game in the casino lobby. This is done by rolling your mouse over the game options and then clicking on the ‘Play’ button once you have reached a decision.


After making your selection, the game you have chosen opens up in a separate window (unless you decided otherwise in the ‘Options’ panel). To review your recent rounds of the game you’re playing, just click ‘Options’ then ‘History’.


Other than that, if you require help in navigating a particular game window, or information on game rules and how to play you can always turn to the ‘Help’ section.


With this information at your disposal you should now be ready to begin playing. If you are still unsure of something try our Frequently Asked Questions section for further information.


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