If you have had any problems while making a deposit at Titanbet Casino then you will find the help you need right here. The following items are the most common problems encountered when depositing at Titanbet Casino. By clicking on the links, you will be taken to instruction pages that should help you resolve any problems.

Credit Card Deposit Problems:


Rejection of gaming transactions by the bank


The most common reason that causes a credit card transaction to be declined is the rejection of gaming transactions by the card-issuing bank.

Therefore, the best and most simple way to avoid deposit problems with credit cards is to use an alternative payment method. An alternative payment method is the recommended choice at Titanbet Casino and, so, we offer many different methods for you to use. Details of all payment methods can be found on our cashier page.

Depending on the method that you use, you can open an account in minutes and enjoy payments without deposit limits! Among the payment methods available are: Citadel, Moneybookers, EcoCard, UKash & Paysafecard

However, if you are having deposit problems and wish to continue using a credit card, here is what you can do:

    1. Try to deposit the same amount again. In many cases, transactions will be approved on your second attempt.
    2. Make sure that your credit card billing address is the same you used in your casino account.
    3. Lower your deposit amount. Some banks allow transactions up to predetermined amount only.
    4. Try depositing with another card, preferably issued from a different bank.
    5. If none of the above work, call your bank/credit card company and inform them that you are attempting to make an online transaction but you keep being declined. In many cases banks remove the blocks after the customer requests them to do so.

For additional assistance, contact our 24/7 customer support team.



Insufficient funds in your bank account

One of the most common reasons for a credit card transaction being declined is due to insufficient funds on the card.

If you think that insufficient funds may be the cause of your credit card rejection then you could try the following options:

    1. Try to deposit the same amount again. In many cases, transactions will be approved on the second attempt.
    2. Lower your deposit amount and try again.
    3. Try depositing with an alternate payment method such as the ones listed here.

Alternative Payment Methods are our recommended means for making deposits. These methods are simple, secure and reliable. When using our recommended methods you can also receive up to 15% extra as a deposit bonus!

For additional assistance, contact our 24/7 customer support team.



Incomplete CVV2 Information

The CVV2 (Card Verification Value 2) is the three-digit security code printed on the far right side of the signature strip on the back of your credit card. It serves as a security feature that validates your card's authenticity anytime you make a purchase by phone, mail, or the Internet. It is therefore essential that you include the CVV2 in order to ensure your deposit is approved.

If your credit card deposit was declined, log on to the Casino again, proceed to the Cashier section, click on the Deposit icon, and enter your deposit amount as usual - including the CVV2. You should have no problem depositing funds.

You can find your CVV2 number on the back of your card:

If the above help does not work, why not try using an Alternative Payment Method. Deposits made with our recommended methods are simple, secure and receive a bonus of up to 15% free!

If your question is not answered here, do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 support representatives.



Problems with Deposit Limits

Security is of the utmost importance to Titanbet Casino. Therefore, the Casino has placed limits on amount that can be deposited by credit card. This has been done to ensure both safety and reliability for our players.

If you find that you are having problems with your deposit then the following are the most common deposit limit issues.

1) Your deposit exceeds the Casino credit card limit

Try using an alternative payment method. These methods are fast, easy and usually have much higher deposit limits.

2) Your Mastercard deposit was rejected

Try using VISA instead. For various reasons VISA cards are entitled to a higher deposit limit. Alternatively, try one of our various payment methods listed here.

3) Your limit / deposit total was exceeded

The amount that was declined may have been beyond your current total limit. Try depositing a smaller amount and this may be within your limit.

If your question is not answered here or if you need any more information, please contact customer support.



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