Sick of chocolate and Easter Egg hunts? Win big with Titanbet Casino instead

Ah, Easter - the weather’s changing; the Bank Holiday season is just starting; there’s great TV and everyone is getting into the summer spirit! Here at Titanbet Casino, we want you to have the best Easter break possible - and, with the kids off school, we’re here to give you a bit extra while getting you into the Easter spirit. Play our 4 games for Easter now!

Let’s get that egg hunt out of the way for an Easter Surprise!

Easter Surprise slots reel


It wouldn't be Easter without an egg hunt - and that’s what you get in Easter Surprise slots. What will your gift be - an egg, chocolate, or a big bonus? If that’s not enough, the man (or Bunny) is here himself to give it to you - receive gifts straight from the Easter Bunny in the Easter Gifts Bonus, and win 10 free games with a x3 multiplier.


Play this if: You like to get into the Easter spirit, and all things Easter, without actually leaving the house.


Best for: The great bonus offers and game - choose one of the 6 Easter Bunny’s eggs for a prize!


Bonuses available: This is a part of the progressive Dollar Ball jackpot - see more at Titanbet Casino.

Do you know about the Life of Brian?

The Life of Brian slots reels


He’s not the messiah - he’s a very naughty boy! But he could win you big, if you stick with him, in The Life of Brian slots.


Even if you haven’t seen the Monty Python film, retelling a story very similar to the Easter story (but involving Brian, the alleged son of God), you’ll have fun playing this silly, surreal slots game. Including ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ Free Spins and randomly occurring mini bonuses with the Romans (they finally did something!) or a Space Trip (an important part of the Easter story, remember), you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself and win big.


Play this if: You’re a fan of Monty Python, or want a wacky version of the Easter story.


Best for: Crazy, original bonus games, which will make you smile and laugh out loud.


Bonuses available: There are up to 10 bonuses available, but the ‘Life of Brian’ includes four interactive bonuses - some including free spins.

Sick of Chocolate? How about a Sweet Party instead?

Sweet Party slots reels


Who doesn’t love sweets? Who doesn’t love parties? If you’re like us, you’ll love what happens when they’re combined, in Sweet Party slots.


A simple, no immediate bonus slots game, Sweet Party is for you if you like your games straightforward, old school and with the chance to win huge amounts. With exploding symbols, Sweet Party slots can multiply your winnings by up to 30x your original bet. Or - even better - the top win could see you looking at 5000x your original stake. Exactly.


Play this if: You like your slots games clear, old-skool and simple.


Best for: It’s straightforward gameplay - no crazy, sudden bonuses here!


Bonuses available: The progressive jackpot. The more you bet, the more you could win.

Need some cash back? Call Mr Cash Back.

Mr Cash back slots reels


Easter is tough enough on your patience, but also pretty difficult on your purse strings. It might be the right time to call in the experts - and Mr Cash Back slots is here for you.


It’s a brand new concept for a slots game - if you don’t win after 50 times in a row, you win back for the lines you bet which didn’t win! To top it off - if you decided to leave the game and return later, the cashback status of a line stays the same when you come back and start the game again! Now that’s handy, eh?


Play this if: You could do with a bit of cash back (and who couldn’t?)


Best for: People with not so much time and who want to save their game’s progress.


Bonuses available: Hello - CASH BACK! It’s the slots game that pays out even if you don’t win!


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