Stuck for choice? Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help.

Enjoy Titanbet Casino’s ‘5 Games’ recommendation lists. Whether you’re looking to celebrate something special or are just in the mood to play, we have your online slots needs covered!

5 Games for a Hero

5 games for a hero

We all love a hero – and heroes come in all shapes and sizes.


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5 Best Asian Games

5 Best Asian Games

Zhù nǐ hǎo yùn! Welcome to the Far East – a place of mystery, cu...

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5 Games for the Party Season

5 Games For The Party Season

It’s always the party season at Titanbet Casino – and do we have some go...

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5 Games for TV

5 Games for TV Shows

What if you could combine the greatness of your favourite programmes with your onlin...

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Titanbet Casino’s 5 games for fright

5 Games for a Fright

Halloween or not, secretly we all like to have a bit of a fright.


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Top progressive jackpot slots from Titanbet Casino UK

5 Best Progressive Jackpots

If you’re looking for the big prizes, you’ve come to the right place.Read More

Five slots for cat lovers

5 Games for Cat Lovers

Feline fans unite! Did you ever think that your love of cats and love of gaming coul...

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Check out our 5 games for summer holiday

5 Games for a Summer Holiday

It’s that time of year again - maybe there’ll be some sun (?), beach tim...

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5 Games for Sports Fans

It’s all set to be a great summer for British sport. But what if you prefer wa...

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5 games for journey at Titanbet casino

5 Games for Journeys

The summer holidays are just around the corner, and whether you’re journeying ...

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Find out the best games for bank holiday

5 games for a Bank Holiday

Who knows what the Bank Holiday weekend will bring? Yes, it might be raining outside...

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Best slots for St. George’s day

5 Games for St George's Day

It might not be a national holiday (what would the Scots do if it were?), but ...

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5 games for Princess Charlotte from Titanbet Casino

5 Games for the Royal Baby

We’re so excited to meet HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and to watch her ...

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4 best games to play this Easter

4 Games for Easter

Ah, Easter - the weather’s changing; the Bank Holiday season is


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It’s Valentine’s Day! Show your love at Titanbet Casino

4 Games for Valentine's Day

Had a disappointing Valentine's Day? Make it up to yourself with our top 4 games...

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We know that having over 400 great games to choose from makes the choice hard, so here at Titanbet Casino, we’ve tried to help you out with these great ‘5 Games for…’ lists. If you’re looking for a special occasion, type of game or even something to celebrate, we have you covered. Read and play on!


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