5 Games for a Hero

We all love a hero – and heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever your definition of a hero, they walk among us each and every day – so why not play alongside them? Titanbet Casino’s 5 Games for a Hero introduces you to the best in the biz, from all walks of life.  



Daring Dave slots


Daring Dave slots reels


Meet Daring Dave. He’s just your ordinary bloke who somehow ended up in a pyramid, fighting mummies and coming over all-Indiana Jones like. With 20 lines and 5 reels, he’s a quieter sort of hero – that is, until you get to the 3-level bonus round. In the Eye of Ra Bonus, there are 3 ‘episodes’ in which you are given a challenge. If you pass, you move deeper into the pyramid. If not – you keep spinning those reels.  


PLAY THIS IF: You’re daring…just like Dave.
BEST FOR: The three tier bonus round.
BONUSES AVAILABLE: The Eye of Ra Bonus round, mentioned above. 




Top Gun slots


Top Gun slots reels


Take your breath away with the heroes of the sky. Those wingmen are back in the 30th anniversary release of Top Gun slots with some nifty extra features, not least of all – the 243 payways on offer.  Plus, if you’re really in the zone – the Danger Zone Free Games (with enhanced Dogfight Wilds) will get you 8 free games to spin with.


PLAY THIS IF: You remember Top Gun’s release…30 years ago.
BEST FOR: The nostalgia. It will take your breath away.
BONUSES AVAILABLE: The Danger Zone Free Games, mentioned above.




Captain America slots


Captain America slots reels


He’s here to save the world…and show off his epic shield. Captain America isn’t just a great Marvel hero – he brings the great Marvel 4-in-1 progressive jackpot! Plus, there are Super Spins – free spins across two modes, each with a different set of expanding wilds and additional symbol.  


PLAY THIS IF: You like your heroes old-skool.
BEST FOR: The epic Marvel progressive jackpot attached.
BONUSES AVAILABLE: The Super Spins, mentioned above. 




Silent Samurai slots


Silent Samurai slots reels


Some heroes don’t make a lot of noise – just like this fella. The Silent Samurai is a more understated slot, with the excitingly named Ninja Hitting bonus. Hit those ninjas to get some Free Spins, that is, if you hit a ninja which doesn’t explode. Try to get your head around that. Plus, did we mention there’s the nifty little Gamble feature too? 


PLAY THIS IF: You like your slots with a twist of the unexpected. Or ninjas.
BEST FOR: You get to hit ninjas.
BONUSES AVAILABLE: The Hitting Ninjas bonus, mentioned above, plus the Gamble feature. 




Rocky slots


Rocky slots reels


You heard the theme tune as you read that, didn’t you? Join Rocky Balboa for yet another fling, with characters and artwork directly from the 1976 blockbuster. This hero comes with a jaw-dropping Knockout Bonus – you need to choose Rocky’s opponent, who he’ll then fight in a 10 round match. For every round Rocky wins – you win a cash prize. 


PLAY THIS IF: You’re team Rocky.
BEST FOR: The epic Knockout Bonus.
BONUSES AVAILABLE: The Knockout Bonus, mentioned above, plus Gamble feature. 










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