5 Games for a Bank Holiday

Who knows what the Bank Holiday weekend will bring? Yes, it might be raining outside, or even if it is sunny, the queue outside anywhere worth going will be long. We at Titanbet Casino think you should relax instead – spend time with us and win big with these 5 great games for a Bank Holiday weekend, whatever the weather will be!


Have A Night Out on us!

No work on Monday means it’s a good excuse for a raz on the town, and that’s what we’re bringing you in A Night Out slots. With this 5 reel 20 lines beauty, you can have that night out you so need, winning big at the same time! You heard us – no money wasted on drinks and taxi fare, just big wins and great bonuses! Speaking of which, the bonus round here is a little more sexy than in most slots games – win free games by asking one of six beautiful ladies to dance, and then choose a drink to reveal a free games multiplier. 


A Night Out slots game reels


Play this if: You like your slots games quirky with a sense of humour,
Best for: Those looking for a laugh and an entertaining time.
Bonuses available: The Dance and Drinks bonus mentioned above, as well as 10 free spins and infinitely retriggered free spins with multiplier. 


Treat yourself – what’s cooking in the Chinese Kitchen? 

Can’t be bothered to cook on Bank Holiday? Treat yourself to a takeaway, with Chinese Kitchen slots. This simple little stunner is great if you’re just starting out with online slots, or you’re looking to get great returns on your bets. With 3 reels and 8 paylines, this is a no-bonus game and does what it says on the tin, erm, kitchen. With less reels though, it’s easier to get bigger wins, quicker. It’s definitely one you have to experience to believe. 


Chinese Kitchen slots game reels


Play this if: You like your slots simple and straightforward.
Best for: People starting out playing slots online, or to get big returns on small bets.
Bonuses available: None, but with less paylines, you get bigger returns on your bets. 


Discover what lies beyond in the Great Blue 

Any real aquarium will be fully booked and/or expensive. Get the same experience from the comfort of your own home with Great Blue slots. Dive to the ocean floor with the great Orca whale and look at the wonders of the deep sea in this 5 reels, 25 lines stunning game. The bonus round is pretty nice to look at too – fish for rare and precious pearls on the ocean floor to win free spins.  You can’t do THAT at an aquarium. The Gamble feature also lets you gamble half or your entire win each spin for further wins. 


Great Blue slots game reels

Play this if: You like your slots nicely designed with great graphics and fun bonuses.
Best for: The bonus game, and the Gamble feature.
Bonuses available: The Deep Sea Dive bonus, mentioned above, and also free spins – up to 33 free spins initially, and more can be infinitely triggered during the feature. 


Learn the Football Rules

It’s jumpers for goalposts season, and if it’s raining, there’s always Football Rules slots. Join the referees, the fans and the players for some good old footie fun in this 5 reels, 25 lines slot. You’ll also feel as if you’re playing for real in the bonus game, which takes the form of a penalty shootout. Choose a lucky ball to get free spins, and then choose the direction to kick in for multipliers.  In fact, it’s probably better than playing football for real. 


Football Rules slots game reels


Play this if: You’re a football fan and it’s raining outside.
Best for: The Penalty Shootout Bonus! Also the 20 free spins with multiplier it gives you, and the theme of the game.
Bonuses available: The Penalty Shootout Bonus, as mentioned above which gives initially up to 20 free games, more of which can then be infinitely triggered during the feature.


Join the Thrill Seekers, without the queues

No, really – because do you want to stand in line for that fair/cinema/amusement park? We thought not. Play Thrill Seekers slots instead and have all the thrills with none of the tears or queues. There are rollercoasters, candyfloss and ice creams galore and a fun, carnival atmosphere here – what more do you really need? Well, there’s always the bonus game – where you can win up to 200 free spins. But that’s not all. Thrill Seekers slots is a part of the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot pool, meaning there is a steadily growing prize pot that you could win. We know where we’ll be getting our thrills this Bank Holiday, that’s for sure!



Thrill Seekers slots game reels


Play this if: You like your slots high energy and fun. 
Best for: There’s too much to choose – between the 200 (!) free spins and the progressive jackpot, you’re spoiled for choice!
Bonuses available: The bonus game, awarding up to 200 free spins, and the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot, as mentioned.


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