5 Games for Journeys

The summer holidays are just around the corner, and whether you’re journeying to the airport, going on a staycation or to the cinema, that summer feeling (complete with screaming, off-school children, broken air conditioning and the odd summer shower) is never as good as promised. Hang in there with Titanbet Casino and our 5 games for journeys – we’ll keep you sane and winning! 


Have an Adventure in Wonderland 

Adventures in Wonderland slots reels


Ok, maybe it’s not an actual adventure, but Adventures in Wonderland slots takes you to a strange place where up is down, left is right, cats are cheeky and you can win big! With all of your favourite characters from the book and films, join Alice and co in a wonderful, winning adventure – plunge down the Rabbit Hole for a great big bonus round, and have a strange cuppa at the Mad Hatter’s Tea party. Escapism doesn’t get much more fun…!


Play this if: You’re looking for something a bit different – fun and strange by turns (and spins!).

Best for: The two fun bonus rounds, free spins and the graphics reminded us of our childhoods (sigh).

Bonuses available: The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Bonus and the Rabbit Hole Bonus. 



Fly on Wings of Gold

Wings of Gold slots reels


Go back to the glory days with Wings of Gold slots. Soar above the clouds for top bonuses, fun characters and that good old fashioned Blitz spirit! Be rewarded for your bravery with the exciting Medal of Honour Bonus round, and win in the Xtra Win mode – where your total bet is automatically upped by an extra 50%, so you can win more! Do most adventures end with your gaining cash? We thought not!


Play this if: You like a bit of the good old days…and winning big.

Best for: People who know their slots, and want to take advantage of potential ‘Xtra’ wins.

Bonuses available: As mentioned, the Xtra Win mode and Medal of Honour Bonus round.



Become a Highway King… 

Highway Kings slots reels


Take to the road and get royal with Highway Kings slots. If you like your slots as straight and clear as the road, this is for you. It’s pretty simple - place your bet and win big. While there’s no bonus round, you can choose to opt in and play the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot, meaning the more you stake the more you could win, and – as the amount gets bigger with every spin – that could be a lot of money indeed!

Play this if: You like your slots like you like your people – to the point.

Best for: Big wins with small stakes – and everyone loves a progressive jackpot ;)

Bonuses available: The progressive jackpot is all you need – no bonus rounds here!



…Or, a Global Traveler

Global Traveler slots reels

Round the world tickets are expensive, so pack your imaginary bag instead and go on a sightseeing world-tour in Global Traveler slots. With a fun Suitcase Bonus round, where you go directly to baggage claim (which is nice in itself, really, isn’t it?) and choose a suitcase full of money, you’ll be having fun before you’ve even arrived at your destination. Plus, this is part of the amazing Dollar Ball progressive jackpot pool – where the jackpot grows as you play.

Play this if: You’re a fan of fun bonuses and progressive jackpots.

Best for: The progressive jackpot and fun graphics.

Bonuses available: Hello – progressive jackpot alert! – and the Suitcase Bonus round.



Head off to that Vacation Station 

Vacation Station slots reels

Need a vacation? Take all the time you need with Vacation Station slots. This is one of our favourites – it’s a nice, straightforward 3 line, 8 payline slot – a ‘stake low, win big’ type of slot. While there’s no bonus round available, enjoy the massive wins you acquire. Just like the perfect holiday – there’s no need for fancy-schmancy extras – just the good stuff will do.

Play this if: You like to stake small amounts and get massive returns.

Best for: People starting out on slots, or who like staking small.

Bonuses available: None, but like we said – small stakes and BIG wins.


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