5 Games For The Party Season

It’s always the party season at Titanbet Casino – and do we have some good-time games for you!  Whether your idea of fun is a few drinks (or more), loud music or a quiet night in with some mates, we have just the get-together, rave and/or chilled out vibe to suit you! 


Party Line slots  

Party Line slots reels


Let’s get the party started with our first, quieter number to get people on the dancefloor: Party Line slots. This simple slot will take you back to the good old days of slots – it’s one payline, three reels. No bonus rounds, but it’s a Titanbet Casino badly kept secret – one of those ‘bet small, you might win big’ jobbies. Easy to play, easy to try and win. Simple and potentially rewarding, to whet your gaming appetite. 


PLAY THIS IF: You’re looking for a quick, easy start to your gaming session.

BEST FOR: The one payline – easy to control, easy to try to win on.



Sweet Party slots

: Sweet Party slots reels


Yes, it’s a different sort of party – but Sweet Party slots is still a party, nonetheless! With a sometimes bursting progressive jackpot on offer, it just might pay to stuff your face with sweets. Hey, if we can’t overindulge during the party season, then when can we? With 5 reels and all ways paylines, this is simple, fun – and not too sweet.


PLAY THIS IF: You usually make a beeline for the food table at parties.

BEST FOR: The progressive jackpot attached.

BONUSES AVAILABLE: The progressive jackpot, mentioned above, and free spins can also be won.


Practice FREE: Instant play Sweet Party slots - no deposit or sign up required!



Rock’N’Roller slots 

Rock ‘N’ Roller slots reels

Let’s take it up a notch – it’s still early, but the party’s getting there. Rock ‘N’ Roller slots is the game to play when the night is young and getting started. With five paylines and three reels, it’s still a ‘stake small, try to win big’ (as mentioned above with Party Line slots), but with a few more paylines, there’s a bit more variety. No bonus though – so you can focus straight on trying to get those wins.


PLAY THIS IF: You like straightforward, simple slots with a bit of variety.

BEST FOR: The five paylines.


Practice FREE: Instant play Rock N Roller slots - no deposit or sign up required!




The Jazz Club slots 

The Jazz Club slots reels


Chill guys – if partying hard isn’t your thing, then maybe chilled music is? That’s what we’re thinking, with The Jazz Club slots. Straight from the heart of New Orleans to your home, it’s 25 lines and 5 reels of sweet, soft music and great graphics. You get to choose your own groove, too – play the Jazz Solo Bonus and choose between the soloists – a funky trumpet will win you 10 free games; the bass will give you 14 with a x2 multiplier, or the piano for 7 free games with X4 multiplier. Play on!


PLAY THIS IF: You like the smooth, chill jazz grooves.

BEST FOR:  The great soundtrack (hey, it’s jazz!) in the game.




A Night Out slots 

A Night Out slots reels


And the party’s now in full swing. It’s time to pull out this 5 reel 20 lines beauty - A Night Out slots. Complete with a nice little bonus round – you win free games by asking one of the six ladies on show for a dance, and then choose a drink to reveal a free games multiplier. Not bad, and probably cheaper than an actual night out on the town too!

PLAY THIS IF: You really do need a night out.

BEST FOR: The bright, fun graphics.

BONUSES AVAILABLE: The Dance and Drinks Bonus. 


Practice FREE: Instant play A Night Out slots - no deposit or sign up required!


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