5 Royal Games to celebrate Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

We’re so excited to meet HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and to watch her grow up! She’ll definitely be the most fashionable baby on the block, and who doesn’t love a cute new addition to the Kate and Wills crew?  To celebrate the lovely new little one, play our 5 games to welcome Princess Charlotte to the Kingdom.  

Queen of all the realm…and Queen of the Pyramids

Queen of the Pyramids slots


Welcome to Ancient Egypt, a land ruled by pharaohs and gods, cats (see below) and idols.

Step in a new gal to rule them all, in Queen of the Pyramids slots. Just like Princess Charlotte, this is one royal game changer, bringing a fresh new pair of eyes (and some fabulous outfits) to an old traditional setup.

With 5 reels and 9 paylines this is a simple, straightforward slot with some excellent bonuses (the Pharaoh Bonus Feature is particularly thrilling) and amazingly, up to 100 free spins!

But, we save the best for last – this is a progressive slots game, meaning that the prize keeps going up as you keep playing! What’s not to love? 

Play this if: You like your slots games themed, straightforward and rewarding.

Best for: A simple, clean interface and plenty of bonus games to play. 

Bonuses available:  The Pharaoh Bonus is great, but the progressive jackpot is definitely the winner here!


She rules them all – it’s the Cat Queen

Cat Queen slots game


‘Queen of the entire realm’ it is, and that’s including the cats too. With Cat Queen slots we travel back in time once more to Ancient Egypt, when cats were seen as godly creatures. This game celebrates not only queens, but cats. And even though Kate and Wills seem pretty fond of their dog Lupo, we’re pretty certain loves other animals too.

With a whopping 40 lines over 5 reels, Cat Queen has free spins – and also a unique Gamble! feature. This exciting feature gives you the chance to bet your entire win, bet half of your win, or take your winnings as they are. 

Play this if: You like choice when betting your winnings – whether all, or just half. 

Best for: Excellent graphics, free spins and the Gamble! feature.

Bonuses available: As mentioned, free spins (which turn the board blue) and the option to gamble a portion of your winnings. 


Swim Deep with Atlantis Queen

Atlantis Queen slots

Ah, the lost city of Atlantis. While Kate and Wills have been to some pretty exciting exotic places, you can bet they haven’t been to this one!

If they had done, you could be certain that Kate would provide some stiff queen competition, and that’s what we have here in Atlantis Queen slots. With free spins and not one but two fabulous bonus rounds (the Pearl Bonus and Temple Bonus rounds are simply stunning to look at,) this is one for those who like their graphics to look good alongside their winnings. 

Play this if: You like excellent graphics and bonus choices

Best for:  The choice of prizes available in the bonus rounds

Bonuses available:  The free spins, but also two excellent bonus rounds – the Pearl Bonus and Temple Bonus. 


…Or go even deeper with the Ocean Princess

Ocean Princess slots


While Princess Charlotte grows up, she'll be travelling around and having fun on royal tours, meeting new people and seeing new places. That, in our books, makes her one of the best ocean princesses around – but it’s only with Ocean Princess slots that you can also win big!

The game looks simple, with only 3 reels and 5 paylines, but don’t let that fool you. You can ‘hold’ symbols for more certain wins (great for getting your game just right and winning!) and can even freeze the wild symbols – 3 in a row means you receive 1000x your line bet! 

Play this if: You like simple, practical slots games, with small bets and big payouts

Best for: Beginners or those looking to polish their slots techniques

Bonuses available: The Wild symbols and frozen symbols can win you bigger payouts, but there are no actual bonuses. 


Oh I just can’t wait to be…the White King

White King slots


They used to call her ‘Waity Katie’, but now it’s her husband doing the waiting! While you wait for Wills to make it to the throne, why not bide your time with White King slots?

With 40 lines (!), phenomenal graphics and excellent and unlimited free spins, this is the biggie. Even better – you can play it via our mobile app, so, if you’re waiting for the royal baby announcement along with the rest of us, you’ve got some time to kill (and wins to make). We know this is your soon-to-be favourite. 

Play this if: You like variety – with 40 lines, you’re going to get it. 

Best for:  Free spins lovers and those who like good graphics in their gaming. 

Bonuses available: Unlimited free spins – do you need any more bonuses than that?


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