5 stupid bets that will make you lose faith in humanity

Written by Robbie Strazynski


The most stupid and ridiculous bets ever made



When it comes to making wagers, savvy bettors know that some could be classified as good bets while others would fall under the category of bad bets. Then there’s a whole separate group of bets that are so asinine, so imbecilic, so unsavoury, so risky, disgusting, or unsafe, that they really ought not to have been made in the first place. While wagering on standard casino games of chance like baccarat, blackjack, slots, video poker or roulette would be considered within the realm of “normal” betting activities, there are some foolish souls out there who’ve simply gone way too far with their betting antics, making strange and ridiculous bets with outlandish outcomes. Have a look at five incredibly stupid bets that never should’ve been made.




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5. American Football Fan Bets He’ll Drink His Own Urine

Sports fans, especially in America, are known to go to extreme lengths in support of their favourite teams. One such crazed individual was so compelled to root on his beloved Houston Texans that he vowed to drink his own urine for their sake; sort of.


You see, his team was trailing miserably to the San Diego Chargers at the game’s halftime that he proclaimed he’d drink his own urine if they managed to come back and win. And win the darn thing they did indeed. Not wishing to “upset the football gods”, the man subsequently made good on his bet, downing a whole cup of his own urine.


While such an act of sports piety sounds ridiculous enough, the strange individual decided to record the entire incident for posterity on camera and then post the winning (losing?) bet on Youtube for all us voyeurs to gawk at. If you still don’t believe this stupid bet actually took place, have a look at the video below:



4. Man Bets that He Can Screw the Taxman By Dying and Wins, Sort of

Benjamin Franklin is paraphrased as famously having said that there were two certain things in life: death and taxes. One elderly UK gentleman set out to try and prove this dictum wrong back in 2005. Then 91 years of age, Arthur King-Robinson placed a £500 bet at odds of 6:1 that he would die by the end of that year. The ridiculous bet against himself wasn’t as stupid as it sounds. In fact, it was actually a shrewd tax planning move. See, had he died, his estate would’ve been subject to £3,000 owed in taxes. These would’ve been offset by the winnings.


As it turns out, King-Robinson did indeed live past the end of that year, thus “cheating death” (as it were) and screwing the taxman.


Then again, he did lose the £500 bet…


3. Man Wins a Bet Allowing Him to Taser His Wife

taser gun

Photo credit: Jason Bain, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia.org


A couple of brilliant American football fans (there’s that cockamamie “sport” again, eh?) decided it would be a good idea to bet on the outcome of a game. Sounds alright until now, right? Well the stupidity in the bet lie in that the winner earned the right to Taser the loser. Not ridiculous enough for you yet? There’s more: the two betters were husband and wife!


Seriously – we can’t make this stuff up.


John and Nicole Grant were happily married but passionately supported different football teams, the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. When the Bears won the game, Nicole was all ready to “pay up” on her losing bet, and allowed John to Taser her.


You’d think even the most insane of bettors would quickly administer the electric shock and then hug it out, but no… clearly John imbibed a bit too much of the alcohol that night. He proceeded to Taser Nicole mercilessly another two times until she managed to call the police for assistance.


Needless to say, her husband was arrested on the spot…um, for carrying a Taser without a licence (REALLY?! THAT’s what they busted him for?!).


The do seem to have patched things up though


2. Man Makes an Ass (Sort of) Out of Tennis Ace Andy Murray

Turning to tennis, it’s quite common to make bets on the outcome of matches, especially in Grand Slam events. It’s arguably even more common for fans of a particular player to bet heavy sums of cash while rooting them on to victory. But sometimes a super-fan’s passions could lead him or her to go overboard when betting on their favorite tennis ace.


Will Hirons, a young British dolt – sorry, but there are no two ways about it; the man’s a twit! – made a seriously stupid bet on his tennis hero Andy Murray. After the Scotsman won his first Grand Slam title, Hirons bet his mates that should Murray ever win Wimbledon, he’d get himself tattooed with Murray’s winning likeness on his arse.


Well, as we all know, Andy Murray has indeed emerged victorious at Wimbledon…



If you think all of the above stories detailed stupid bets, just wait until you get a load of this last one:


1. Man Bets that He Can Set His Own Face on Fire

It’s said that when Moses descended Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, his face was radiant; glowing if you will. An Atlanta, Georgia, man named William Bonner was thus apparently attempting to channel his inner Moses when he made a bet with his friends back in 2012. The bet: that he could successfully set fire to his face.



Yea. We know.


To accomplish the facial feat, Bonner placed an alcoholic beverage atop his head and then ignited it. Lo and behold, he won the bet! No big deal if he has to carry around burns and scars because of it for the rest of his life, right?


Plainly put folks, if you’re a fan of Ghost Rider slots, there are better ways to exhibit your enthusiasm for the main character…



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