The new casino tax regulation – what it means for you

As Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’. Everything around us, from the fun – alcohol tobacco – to the not so fun – housing, council – is taxed.

As the government knows they can make more tax money on certain things, they have recently regulated online casino taxes.

Despite the many online gambling choices, there’s actually very little international teamwork, or legal control of the industry. As a result, the UK government has introduced the new casino taxation regulation.


What does this mean for online casinos? 

Ultimately, the new casino taxation regulation will mostly affect the operators of the online casinos, rather than the players. As will be explained later, there will most likely be some knock-on effects for players.

From December 2014, all online gambling companies who provide services to UK customers will have to pay a flat, 15% tax rate on their profits, regardless of where they are located.

Before the new regulation, companies could set up in UK approved places, which were usually Gibraltar, Malta, Isle of Mann, Alderney and Antigua, which had much lower casino tax rates (usually around 1%), as these companies were taxed according to where they were located and not where they operated.

This meant that casinos operating in the UK could pay a low rate of tax and make a lot in profit. However, now, they will be paying more casino tax and making less in profit, costing the gambling industry up to £300m.

But it’s not all bad news. Previously, some of these offshore companies were operating without a UK license. Titanbet Casino is a fully licensed and regulated operator in the UK market, and now other casinos will have to follow suit. Under the new rule, companies servicing UK clients need a license. This means your rights are protected under UK law.  


What does this mean for players? 

So how do the players fit in?

While winnings won’t be affected, players will feel the effects of the higher tax. Because there’s less money to go around, the amounts of bonuses and promotions you receive might be affected. This is because the profit margins of the casinos will take a massive hit. If they don’t make their profits, it will be increasingly harder to pass on generous bonuses to their customers by way of promotions and more.

Additionally, some smaller companies may reassess their ability to serve the UK, or serve them only partially. For example, they may keep open the casino section, but close their sports betting section.


Elsewhere in the world… 

Even though the above information about casino taxes sounds bad, it’s really not.

While the UK doesn’t have a casino winnings tax on amounts players win, other countries do. In America, for example, players are taxed as much as possible by the Federal government: casino winning taxes take up to 25% (!) of a player’s win. Other places, like Germany and Australia (and now the UK) have the casino absorbing the costs of the casino winnings tax.

And it’s possible that the casino tax is a good thing. In New Zealand, for example, there is no casino tax, but also no regulation. There are no approved online casinos operating within a strict legal frame. So while kiwis can play legally in any offshore online casino providing to them, they do so at their own risk. 


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