Craps for Beginners – The Basic Rules

Written by David Newstead


Want to know the basic Craps rules? We give you all the details you need to get started playing this hugely popular green-baize dice game in this easy to use Craps guide


Craps is without question one of the gambling classics. From street games that are played up against a wall to the latest high-tech online versions such as the online craps game that we have at Titanbet Casino UK, this fast paced dice game uses the same rules wherever you play. Unless you know what’s going on, Craps rules can seem a little complex as there are certain unintuitive elements that are liable to take the novice by surprise. The trick is to understand the sequence of gameplay, which allows you to make various bets at different points. Once you understand this process, it becomes much easier to understand the wagering protocols. 


What is Craps? 

In its most basic sense, Craps is played by a shooter - that’s the person rolling the dice - against the house. The first roll in a Craps round is called the Come Out roll. If the dice total 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 then the number rolled is established as the Point. Any other total i.e. 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 immediately ends the round. Once the Point has been set, the shooter continues to roll the dice until they either hit the Point or roll a 7, both of which end the round. 


Popular Craps Bets 

When playing Craps in a casino or online you’ll be given the opportunity to make a variety of bets before any roll, dependant on the stage of the game within the set sequence for a round. You’ll be given the opportunity to make your bets by placing your chips on a grid, much like the one shown below: 


The Standard Casino Craps Betting Grid


The Pass Bet

This is the classic Craps bet. When you see movies and TV shows with everyone stood around the Craps table cheering on the shooter, this is because they’re all betting the Pass. The Pass bet is quite a simple concept once you realise what’s happening. Players bet their chips on the Pass line. The shooter makes their roll. If the roll is 7 or 11 then all pass bets are paid, but if the roll is 2, 3 or 12 then the house wins. If any other number is rolled then this becomes the Point number and is marked on the appropriate place on the table. The shooter then rolls until they hit the Point number again, in which case the pass bets win, or they roll a 7 and the house wins. 

Normal Odds Paid 1:1 


Don’t Pass Bet

One of the fun things about Craps is you’re free to bet with the house against the player. This is known as the Don’t Pass bet. It works in the opposite fashion to the Pass bet with the exception that if the Come Out roll is 12 this is a push and the action is reset. When playing in live games it is often considered bad etiquette to make the Don’t Pass bet, as you’ll be going against the crowd. However, there are no such limitations placed on the online game.   

Normal Odds Paid 1:1


Odds Bet

Many players like the odds bet as it’s one of the few casino bets you can make with absolutely no house edge. After a Pass line bet has been made and the Point has been established, the player is free to make an additional bet that the Point will be hit before a 7 is rolled. The odds returned on this bet vary based on the relative difficulty of hitting the Point, and are all both fair and mathematically balanced. 

Normal Odds Paid  

  • 2:1 – Points of 4 or 10
  • 3:2 – Points of 5 or 9
  • 6:5 – Points of 6 or 8


Come and Don’t Come Bets

A Come bet is very similar to the Pass bet. To make this wager you place your chips in the Come box. If you hit a 7 or 11 you double your money, but if you make a Craps roll of 2, 3 or 12 you instantly lose. If the shooter rolls any other number then this becomes the Point. As with the Pass bet you need to hit the Point again before a 7 is rolled to win the bet. With the Don’t Come bet the shooter needs to hit a 7 before the Point is hit for the bet to be paid.

Normal Odds Paid 1:1


Other Craps Bets 

Alongside these standard Craps bets, there are a number of other bets available. As a brief summary some of the most commonly found are as follows: 

Field Bet – This bets states the next roll of the dice will total 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, or 12. Totals of 2 or 12 return 2:1 odds on your money, all other totals give odds of 1:1

Big 6 or 8 Bets – These are bets that the selected number will be hit by the shooter before a 7 is rolled. They return odds of 1:1 

Any Craps Bets – This is another bet you can make with the house, wagering that a Craps number will be rolled next. If the dice total 2, 3 or 12 then you’ll receive a 7:1 return on your money. 

There are a number of other bets that can be made including the famous Hard-Way and Horn bets. Most online casinos will carry a comprehensive breakdown of all the different wagers on offer. As long as you have a good understanding of how to play Craps, you’ll be able to pick up these specialist wagers up in seconds. 


How to Play Craps: The Best Strategy 

One of the attractions of Craps for beginners is that is the number of different bets available. However, although it doesn’t make for the most exciting game, the majority of seasoned Craps pros will tell you to stick to the Pass and Don’t Pass bets. These allow you to make some good returns on your money without exposing your chip-stack to excessive risk. Much like the red and black bets in Roulette, these can be combined with a progressive or incremental betting strategy, where you add a betting unit or double down after a losing sequence. 


A Final Word 

With so many different bets on available on the Craps table, it’s often best to get a little experience before playing with real money. You can try out this classic crap game at our site for free. This is a great way to become quickly acquainted with all the Craps rules, and also pick up some idea of what to expect in the various kinds of house bets available. With unlimited funds and time at your disposal this is the perfect way to build your own Craps strategy. 





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