How to Effectively Maximise Your Returns with Craps Strategy

Written by David Newstead


Look all over the web and you’ll find a host of Craps betting strategies. Whilst this game does not have the same mystique around its systems as Roulette, it is certainly more complex than the average slot machine.


Once you’ve managed to get your head round the multiple bets available in this game, together with which wagers to avoid as well as which ones to embrace, this is actually one of the most profitable ventures you’ll find on the casino floor. If you want to know how to play this game – find out how in our Craps for Beginners guide.


In this article we carefully explore the bets you should be making, and give you a full appreciation of some of the strategies you can employ in order to maximise your returns from the online Craps table.


Don’t Be Afraid to Bet Against the Pass


craps table


If you’ve played Craps in Las Vegas where this dice classic is essentially a party game, you won’t win any friends for betting against the Pass. However, online nobody is watching, and you’re free to make any kind of bet in line with your desired Craps betting strategy.


This means you should not be afraid to take the Don’t Pass bet when you’re looking for a quality bet to make on the Craps table. It’s a luxury that you won’t get in a casino, due to what we believe is a rather silly tradition. If you study the numbers you’ll see that the Don’t Pass bet has a lesser house edge than the Pass. For this simple reason you should probably never bet the Pass again.


Take the Odds Bet

One famous gambling writer once joked that there is only one game in the casino that pays out a 100% return on your money, and that’s the change machine. However this isn’t strictly true, as there’s one bet on the Craps table that has zero house edge and that’s the Odds bet. Familiarise yourself with this wager and make it an integral part of your online craps betting strategy.


Although this bet has to be made in conjunction with the Pass bet, players should always take advantage of the Odds bet as it is the fairest bet you’ll find on any game. Casinos sometimes limit this bet on the basis of the point rolled, or may give you a larger return of up to even 100x your Pass bet.


Load Up the Maximum Odds


Craps Dice



Now you understand the power of the Odds bet make sure that you always load up the maximum odds bet when you’re making you basic Don’t Pass bet. This is known in casinos as playing the dark side, but fortunately it won’t turn you into Darth Vader.

As we mentioned previously there may be limits as to how much you can bet on the odds, but be sure to take full advantage. Let your Odds bet dictate how much you bet on the Don’t Pass, not vice-versa.


Martingale and Other Progressions


Many people out there think that the Martingale or Monte Carlo system can only be applied to the green baize and red and black wheel of Roulette. This is not the case and many professional Craps players use similar systems to its double or nothing mechanism as the basis of their Craps betting strategy.


Perhaps the most popular progressive bet is the D’Alembert progression. Players should use a combination of Don’t Pass and Odds bets, which as we’ve described are some of the fairest bets you’ll find in the casino as the basis for this system. Make sure you fully stack the Odds in line with your Don’t Pass bet to maximise this system.


The way it works is relatively simple. Choose a betting unit as your stake. If you win simply bet the same stake again. However if you lose then increment your betting stake by one unit. If you then win simply decrease your betting stake by one unit. If you win on your first roll simply start the whole process again. Select a winning amount that will make you happy when you win it, and walk away when you hit that number.


Avoid these Bets


Craps table layout


Naturally, just as there are bets you’ll want to make time and time again as a vital part of your online craps strategy, there are bets you’ll also want to avoid like the plague. Generally betting for either Craps, both 2 or 12 and 3 or 11 should not be in your repertoire.


Equally the hard way bets are also bad value and you should try to dodge the lay bets too. Whilst this might appear to take some of the wild fun out of the game of Craps, ultimately it’s slow and steady that wins the race rather than simply letting your gut lead you into making crazy bets.


A Final Word


If you’re not sure about the best online Craps strategy for you, then why not go to some of the free play tables and experiment? This gives you a complete strategy sandbox where you can try out any number of Craps betting strategies without having to risk any real money. It’s not just about finding the right bets that work, you also need to factor stake measurement, bankroll strategy and most importantly, you have to know how to keep your cool when it’s all going against you. This way you can have fun and win at the Craps table.



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