Discover the 6 Expert Steps that will Teach Anyone How to Play Slot Machines

Written by David Newstead


How to play slot machines? This is the age old question that’s plagued novice gamers for over a hundred years. With so many different new online slots available, working out how to play slots can be more than a little daunting. There are so many complex slots rules around now you’d be forgiven for wanting to simply go and play Craps instead.


However there are a number of simple steps you can take to quickly and effortlessly acquaint yourself with the structure and rhythm of online slot machines (and also what we discovered about UK gambling habits,) allowing you to take on any game and master how to win online slots.  


1. Free Play as Much as Possible


Guess what? If you’re unsure about how to play slots, then there’s a cool feature at most casinos that will give you a chance to brush up on any individual slot’s rules, and play at no risk to your bank-roll. We’re talking about the free play mode that allows you to test out a slot with a huge chunk of pretend money. This helps you to quickly and easily get the hang of what’s happening at the reels.


Try out as many free play slots as you can. As most slots these days use a very similar five reel format the more titles you play, the faster you’ll come to grips with how to win slot machines.  


2. Don’t Be Afraid to Hit the Button


Slots are designed to be the ultimate in novice gaming. All you have to do is hit the button and watch the reels stop in place. It’s that simple. Even with the big jackpot games where you have a chance to win millions of pounds, it’s still a case of pressing down on the spin button and chancing your luck. This simple formula is how to win slots.  


Yes, there are loads of different feature games and free spin rounds, but these always contain instructions and are fairly self-explanatory. Fortunately these are often features on rails where you can’t make a wrong decision.


3. Multi-Line Slots Games do the Hard Work for You


Slot machine in a casino



We all know that three oranges on an old three reel slot pays you out a prize. However, look at today’s slot setups and you’ll see five reels and multiple pay-lines, so you may be left wondering where the wins are going to come. Here how to win online slots is not so simple. The trick here is to be bold and simply hit the spin button. The great thing about today’s slots is that they’ll tell you when you’ve won a prize, and all you have to do is worry about collecting your winnings.


4. Special Symbols Play to Type


Special symbols in slots



Special symbols should be an integral part of your slot playing strategy if you want to learn how to play slots well. There are two basic types of special. Scatters are generally reserved as most slots’ bonus activation systems. Stop in three of these anywhere in view on the reels and you’ll earn access into a slot feature. Wilds are slightly more complex. These have the power to substitute for any other symbol on the reels to help you make those all-important winning combinations.


5. Bonus Rounds


Win bonus at slots



You want to know how to win online slot machines? Then you’ll need to get down with the bonus rounds. In accordance with modern slots rules there are two standard types of feature. The first is the so called second screen round, where you’re taken away from the reels and you have to select items or spin a wheel to win prizes. The other feature is the free spin bonus, which does exactly what it says on the tin. You simply play on the reels without having to spend any money.


The important thing to know here is that many slot machines hold their biggest wins in the bonus round. This makes stake selection a vital weapon in any serious slot player’s arsenal. By making sure that you’re choosing a low stake to maximise your number of spins you’ll take on the reels, there’s a better chance for you to make it into one of these big money games.


6. Slots are Not Fruit Machines


One of the biggest hurdles that new slot machine players have to overcome is a bad education that may have come from pub fruit machines. In these games, players are often given a choice of different actions that have varying results, such as higher or lower gambles or the choice to take prizes or continue on a trail game.


With slot machines there are no such dilemmas. You’re always paid what you’re meant to get paid, and there’s never a tricky situation where you’ll require prior knowledge of a game’s structure to maximise your returns. It’s this big difference that sets slots apart from fruit machines.


A Final Word


Now you have a good idea of how to play online slots and more importantly how to win online slots, the final step is simply stepping out into this new found world of entertainment and experimenting with your new found knowledge and confidence. Remember that slots are designed to be easy and fun, so all you have to do is push that spin button and reap the rewards. Remember to share this online slots guide with anyone who might be interested.



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