5 Games for St George's Day

It might not be a national holiday (what would the Scots do if it were?), but we do love a bit of St George’s Day here at Titanbet Casino. While pubs are festively decorated throughout the nation, people are celebrating England’s patron saint, so let’s keep the celebrations going with these 5 ‘Best of British’ games. As Shakespeare once (sort of) said: ‘Play for Harry, England and St George!’. And so we shall. 


Spamalot slot game


Like a bit of entertainment with your celebrations? Then Spamalot slots is what you’re looking for. With four bonus ‘acts’, themed after memorable characters and events from the film (The None Shall Pass bonus, anyone?) music from the stage show and actual character’s voices, this is a true source of British pride, over and over again. Best of all, it has not one but TWO progressive jackpots to win - the Holy Grail Jackpot, and the Slightly Less Holy Grail jackpot. ‘Ni’ indeed! 


Play if: You’re a fan of Monty Python, or like your games with a side of fun!
Best for: Fans, or any type of slots players. The bonuses alone make this worth a game (and more!).
Bonuses available: Our favourite has to be the Killer Rabbit Bonus, with the show’s, erm, Killer Rabbit. We also are rather excited by the two (TWO!) progressive jackpots available.


A very naughty boy…it’s the Life of Brian 

Life of Brian slots


There are quite a few naughty British heroes that we can think of, but here’s one you can keep up and play along with in The Life of Brian slots. Whether you’ve seen the Monty Python film or not, you’ll enjoy playing this wacky, surreal online slots game. With Free Spins (Remember ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’? Well you can do, with these free spins!) up to 10 bonus rounds (hang out with the Romans, even if they haven’t done anything, or go into space with the aliens), you’ll definitely be laughing and winning. 


Play this if: You’re a fan of Monty Python, or want a slots game with a bit of a twist.
Best for: Crazy, original bonus games, which will make you smile and laugh out loud.
Bonuses available: There are up to 10 bonuses available, but the ‘Life of Brian’ includes four interactive bonuses - some including free spins.


Whodunnit? It’s a Sherlock Mystery

The reels in Sherlock Mystery slots

For a classic British mystery, you have to look to central London’s finest, in Sherlock Mystery slots. Alongside Sherlock and Watson (there’s a fun little video if the two ‘meet’ each other on the slots, not to mention a x3 multiplier), there’s a look and feel of 221b Baker Street, which also makes an appearance as a symbol. With free spins and the exciting Crime Scene Bonus, this is old-school stuff, British-style.


Play this if: You love a bit of Sherlock or you like your bonuses interactive.
Best for: The graphics! It really feels like you’re by the warm fire at the bottom of Baker Street.
Bonuses available: There are free spins, but also the highly exciting Crime Scene Bonus, where you need to find clues which will give you prizes!


What do you think? Has Britain Got Talent?

The reels in Britain's Got Talent slots


One of your favourite entertainment shows is back, and you don’t even need to wait to watch it! Britain’s Got Talent slots has real footage of your favourite moments from the 6 seasons so far, for you to relive every time you win. The bonus rounds are the best part of this game however, as who hasn't dreamed of being on the stage, hearing the roar of applause? Choose your own Live Show Bonus, from either a Musical, Dance or Novelty act! Make it through the semi-final for a higher bonus prize - just make sure you’re not voted off before that...


Play this if: You like your slots glamorous, loud and entertaining - like the tv show!
Best for: The feeling of actually being on stage while playing the Live Show Bonus rounds.
Bonuses available: The Live Show Bonus, as mentioned before, but also - free spins!


It’s a tiny wee country, is Little Britain 

The reels in Little Britan's slots


How could we mention celebrating Britain, Britain, Britain, without even a mention of Little Britain slots? With Tom Baker’s voice, naturally - there are 5 unique bonus games, with all of your favourite characters, such as Vicky Pollard and her Asbo Bonus. Emily’s Lady Things Bonus and Marjorie Dawes’ Fat Fighter Bonus.


There are also free spins, and that naughty Anne might make an appearance - but this time, she’ll turn symbols wild!


Play this if: You are a fan of Little Britain, and still repeat character catchphrases.
Best for: TOM BAKER’S VOICE! It’s Dr Who, talking over Little Britain’s characters. What’s more British than that?
Bonuses available: Those 5 character bonuses - we recommend you play each and every one for maximum giggles and wins.


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