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Had a disappointing Valentine's Day? Make it up to yourself with these top 5 games for Valentine’s Day:


Hang onto your slippers in The Glass Slipper slots!

Glass Slipper slots


Who doesn’t love the classic story of Cinderella? It has everything you’d ever want from a fairy tale – a handsome prince, a massive life change, a happy ending…the perfect love story!

Experience the breath-taking cinema quality 3D animation and the well-loved fairy tale in the Glass Slipper slots – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The game starts with a playful recap of the tale. With magical free spins and fun bonuses – we really enjoyed the Fairy magic free spins, watching the clock hands turn, to win big! Our favorite was the Grand Ball bonus - choose Cinderella’s dance steps to win big bonus prizes, as Tchaikovsky plays in the background. It’s almost like you’re at the ball yourself! Find the right amount of glass slippers (yes, we know in the actual story there was only one) and you’ll be happier than if you’d found your own Prince Charming or Cinderella. So go to the Ball and win big today.


What’s the story? : Save Cinderella, win big and teacher her to dance for big bonuses

Graphics: 3D cinema-quality animation, with a lovely film of the story at the beginning

Bonuses: Fairy magic free spins; the Grand Ball bonus – make Cinderella dance with the Prince to win bonuses

You should play if….you like your romance fairytale-tastic; you like pretty graphics


‘Mirror, mirror on the wall – it’s The Fairest of Them All!’

Fairest of Them All slots


‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall – who’s The Fairest Of Them All?’ From Cinderella, to another great love story – Snow White in Fairest of Them All slots. Yes, she had 7 men running around after her, but only the Prince (her one true love) could revive her from her evil stepmother’s deathly curse.
It’s not a problem if you’re unfamiliar with the story. The game starts with a summary with some excellent, bright animation and graphics. The location is perhaps the best part of actual gameplay, taking place in the enchanted forest, home of the seven dwarves. But the princess doesn’t just stand around looking pretty, she and her forest friends grant players random bonuses and reel modifiers.
Of course, there are free spins to win and the rock-breakingly fun Mine Bonus, where you could win up to 1000x the total stake. Pick a dwarf, mine some rocks and find some gems for cash prizes, a multiplier or more! Featuring a themed bonus round, lockable free spins and a progressive jackpot that can be won in 3
places, this sumptuous 3D slot lets you live happily ever after! So lose yourself in the forest, wake up Snow White, spin and win. Hi ho indeed!


What’s the story? : Snow White is awake and ready to play! Help her find her Prince, defeat the Evil Queen and win.

Graphics: 3D cinema-quality animation, beautiful background graphics and nice attention to detail with the characters

Bonuses: It’s all about the Mine Bonus – pick a dwarf and mine those rocks for bonus prizes!

You should play if….you like story-based games; fairytales are your thing


All aboard the Love Boat slots!

The Love Boat slots


A well-known (and loved) classic, The Love Boat slots (as the name suggests) is based on a TV show with a constant source of interesting love and sailing escapades. Pack up your cruise wear – we’re going somewhere fun! Join the coolest cats and the foxiest ladies for this slots game with a nostalgic twist - take a walk on the Love Boat and meet all of your old favorite characters, accompanied by the famous theme tune (hands down a reason in itself to play). Enjoy the thrill of the ‘Match Up’ bonus, where you are invited to play matchmaker - ‘match dudes and chicks’, ‘pick a foxy lady from the crowd and a gentleman from the bunch’ to win cash prizes, multipliers and more! But there’s even more – each week, one lucky player can win €10,000, in the Dream Cruise Jackpot. The fun never ends on the Love Boat – have you got your ticket ready? So set sail now - step on board the decks of the famous boat itself! We guarantee you’ll find something (and maybe even someone) to love!


What’s the story? : Roll on up to the Love Boat – enjoy the views and win today

Graphics: Enter the love boat and feel like you’re on vacation– the top deck pool is your slots table! 

Bonuses: The Dream Cruise jackpot gives you the weekly chance to win up to €10,000; the ‘Match Up’ bonus lets you bring out your inner matchmaker for prizes!

You should play if….you are fond of old TV shows; you want something a little bit different and romantic in your slots game experience.

Hang on to your underwear...the Chippendales are here!

Chippendales slots


Here’s something for the ladies – let your hair down, put on the makeup and enjoy a night in with the Chippendales slots! Including a sexy introduction of actual footage from a Chippendales show, enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience and go wild - we guarantee you’ll be back wanting more. Go wild as the men spin the wheel in the sizzling Spin bonus, where you can win up to 100X your total bet. The best bit? We invite you to play on and experience the excitement of the special strip feature, where the more layers the Chippendales remove, the higher the pay!  If that doesn’t make you want to play on and win big, then we don’t know what will. Warning – this is not one to play when the kids are around! So let loose, watch the best show in town and play now as the Chippendales dance the night away.


What’s the story? : Meet the Chippendales…and enjoy their sexy show.

Graphics: Watch segments from an actual Chippendales show…it has to be seen to be believed.

Bonuses: The Spin bonus lets you win up to 100x your total bet…but it’s the sizzling strip feature that you ned to see. The higher you win, the more layers the boys shed.

You should play if….you like seeing sexy men…or sexy men taking their clothes off.


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