The Casino Slot Reels Are Alive with the Sound of Music

Written by Robbie Strazynski


Back when I was a kid in Los Angeles, my parents used to take us on trips to Las Vegas about five or six times a year. This was back in the early to mid-90s, when Vegas was a much more family-friendly destination than the “Sin City” it is today. We almost always stayed at the Mirage, which was the first themed megaresort property in the city.


As I think back to the many wonderful memories I have of those trips, something always sticks with me – the hopping, happening music that you heard as soon as you opened the casino doors. It always felt like a party inside – a party that as a minor I was still too young to be admitted to, but a party nonetheless. Now, in my thirties, I realize that as much as the Mirage was trying to create a party-like atmosphere on the casino floor, they also had their own interests in mind: the right music will have a positive effect on people’s moods and likely influence them to gamble more.


While many studies have proven this to be true in land-based casinos, it made me wonder what sort of effect music might have on people who choose to do their gambling in online casinos.

Music in Land-Based Casinos

Enter any poker room, especially in the United States, and you’ll often find a number of players wearing headphones or ear buds. While at first glance it might appear as though these players might want to try and drown out the noise around them, it usually just so happens that they prefer their own blend of pre-programmed music playlists to the music chosen by the casino that’s played over the sound system. Just as anyone else, poker players are likely to only compile playlists of music they like and that puts them in a positive mood and frame of mind. I, for one, have never encountered someone who gets his or her highs by listening to a funeral dirge.


The same, of course holds true for music played over the sound systems of the land-based casinos. It’s almost always a soundtrack of uppity, modern, fast-beat tunes and mixes, which are sure to get people pulsating and heart rates racing. That type of energy is of course infectious, just as much as smiles and dancing are contagious. People like seeing other people having a good time, and that simply goes hand-in-hand with good music. When all those beats are in place, and until that music stops pumping, you’ll almost always see hot action taking place on land-based casino floors.


Lest you think all of the above is simple conjecture, a number of academic studies have suggested the same, for instance Griffiths, M.D. 2009, which noted that despite obvious individual differences and discrepancies in musical taste, music is always known to “heighten emotional states, although the complexities of the relationship between the two are still unclear”.

Music in Online Casinos

Strictly speaking, there’s no music “in” an online casino. The fact is that as you log in to start playing at your favorite online casino, you can actually physically be located anywhere you want to be. Whether it’s at home, a coffee shop, or even on the go (if you’re playing on your mobile device at an establishment like Titanbet Casino Mobile), it’s up to you whether you want to play with the online casino’s sound effects turned on or off.


It’s hard to argue, however, that to get the full-on online casino experience and be immersed in gameplay, it’s best to keep the sound on, or be plugged in with headphones or ear buds so you can experience the audio elements of the games.


Each and every casino game on offer at an online casino often has its own soundtrack. For games that are themed after Marvel Comics characters or blockbuster Hollywood movies, it’s simply a shame to miss out on the sounds that accompany the glittering state-of-the-art sights flashing across your screens.


Then there are games like The Jazz Club slots, whose soundtrack is pretty self-explanatory. Still other classic games trot out the full bells and whistles treatment every time you hit a payout – something that’s at least subconsciously sure to increase your enjoyment while playing.


Even while not playing one of the games and simply browsing around an online casino lobby in our instant play casino, you’ll almost always hear a selection of tunes. Though I can’t speak for every online casino gamer, at least for me, as soon as the musical accompaniment stops, I’m far less likely to keep on humming along from one game to the next. In a sense then, what you hear in the online casino lobby is something like an interlude as you jump from game to game.


The notable exception to the “music rule” at an online casino is at the Live Games tables. That’s specifically because they give you the opportunity to experience the live land-based casino ambience as well as interact with the friendly, attractive, and glamorous dealers. Music would simply be too distracting, as between placing bets and chatting it up with the dealers, you’d simply be unable to concentrate due to sensory overload.

Music and Gaming, together at last...

What do you think of the above selection? Find out your musical-gaming personality with our fun quiz: 




As we’ve seen, not only does the right music get you in the mood to gamble, but the more of a positive impact the music has on your mood, the more pleasurable the gambling experience will be for you while you’re listening.


So, if you’re not into the soundtrack playing in the background while you gamble at Titanbet Casino online, here are some recommendations for great music that anyone with a little gamble in them is sure to love:





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