Interesting UK Gambling Statistics for Your Consideration

It’s known that many people living in the UK love themselves a good gamble, whether it’s gambling on slots, table games, video poker or other gambling games. We did some investigation to try and find some UK gambling statistics, which would serve to provide validation for the stereotype. Below, you’ll find some fascinating information you could not have possibly guessed about UK gamblers. We dive into the numbers illustrating the UK gambling habits among men and women, young and old, all throughout the land. All in all, we think you’ll be pretty surprised by some of the things we discovered in our research about the UK gambling market.



UK gamblers infographic


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UK Male Gamblers vs. UK Female Gamblers

The first interesting tidbit to come from the statistics is that UK men and women gamble in approximately equal amounts, 75% to 71%, respectively. With that said, however, it turns out that UK women appear to be better at gambling, edging out their male counterparts by about 5% when it comes to money won per bet. With upwards of three-quarters of men and women gambling, it’s clearly no surprise that they’re even more likely to get their gamble on once married.


UK Gamblers Love Mobile

With upwards of 64 million citizens, we wanted to find out what the UK gambling statistics indicated about their mobile gambling habits. The statistics tell the story quite clearly. Millions upon millions of casino gaming aficionados in the UK gambling market play mobile casino games everywhere from the bedroom to the commuter trains and even while sitting on the toilet!


Gambling Cities All Over the UK

While a very high percentage of UK citzens do gamble – around the 80% mark to be specific – some cities seem to excel in having more winning players, namely London, Manchester and Liverpool, whilst others, like Sheffield, Newcastle Leicester, have poorer luck.


UK Gamblers Are Both Young and Old

You’d think it would make sense that the older one gets, the more likely that person is to gamble. After all, when you’ve got more free time on your hands, there’s no reason not to fill it with some fun and entertaining bets that give you a shot at winning some money, such as scratch card gambling. That said, the numbers indicate that younger people are more likely to gamble online.


Grand National is Above All Else

When it comes to betting, nothing beats the Grand National in terms of numbers. The most famous horse race in the UK, the Grand National is watched by an incredible 500 million people around the globe and many of them like to have a flutter on it as well - helping to make up £350 million in bets each year. With 40 horses trying to navigate 30 fences over 4 miles and 3½ furlongs, the race offers a spectacle like no other and has been won by several big outsiders  - probably one of the main reasons that so many people like to bet on it, so why not get your practice in with Frankie Dettori slot?



Regardless of one’s age, however, the overriding reason UK gamblers like to wager is because they want to win. With all manner of progressive jackpots on offer at great online casino destinations like Titanbet Casino, we can’t say that we find that conclusion surprising even in the slightest.


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