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Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions:


Thank you for inviting your friends to bet with you at Titanbet Casino. As part of our Refer a Friend Promotion, we are happy to offer generous bonuses to both you and your friends, according to the following terms and conditions:



Terms & Conditions


1. This Refer a Friend promotion is effective for all referrals to Titanbet Casino on and after September 1st, 2014.


2. Definitions: "Referrer" is the player inviting his/her friends to play and "Referred Friend" is the person receiving the invitation to Titanbet Casino.


3.The Referrer is a current Titanbet Casino player who has made at least 1 deposit within the last 30 days, and a total of 3 or more deposits since starting his/her Titanbet Casino account, who invites his/her friends to play at Titanbet Casino using our “Invite Your Friends to Play” form.


4. The Referred Friend must be a new player at Titanbet Casino and must not already have an account under any other name, username, or alias, and must make his/her initial deposit within 7 days of creating their account.


5. The Referrer and the Referred Friend are eligible for a Refer a Friend Bonus only if the Referred Friend downloaded the Titanbet Casino software via the link provided in the e-mail the Referrer sent to him/her by using the “Invite Your Friends to Play” form.


6. The Referrer will earn a bonus of £50 for each Referred Friend he/she brings to play from Titanbet Casino. See Clause 7 below for details. Additionally, each Referred Friend will earn a bonus of £25 (see details in Clause 8 below).


7. The Referrer will get their £50 bonus the day after the Referred Friend has downloaded and installed the Titanbet Casino software, created an account, and made an initial deposit of £20 or more. The Referrer must play through this bonus at least 25 (twenty-five) times prior to requesting a withdrawal.


8. The Referred Friend will get his/her £25 bonus 72 hours after he/she has downloaded and installed the Titanbet Casino software, created an account, and made an initial deposit of £20 or more. The Referred Friend must play this bonus through 30 (thirty) times prior to requesting a withdrawal.


9. Both the Referrer and Referred Friend must comply with all the above stated prerequisites for either party to be entitled to the Refer a Friend bonus.


10. The Referred Friend and Referrer must not share the same household or IP address.


11. We reserve the right to request additional documentation (i.e.: a digital photo of yourself holding your ID next to your face, where the details on your ID are clearly visible) in order to determine your eligibility to this promotion. Failure to meet this requirement will deem your account ineligible to participate on this promotion.