Boku casino deposits

Making Boku payments is simple, quick and direct from your mobile. Much like other deposit methods at Titanbet Casino, such as PaypalSkrill and Neteller, Boku payments don’t require a credit card to make a deposit, changing the way you can play at Titanbet Casino.



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What is Boku?

Boku is a carrier-billing payment method, meaning any transactions made using Boku will be charged to your mobile phone bill. There are no registration or payment details involved.

It is particularly useful for people without credit cards or bank accounts, and is a secure and easy way to pay and play.

More information about how to pay with Boku can be seen in this video:


Sign up for casino deposits with Boku

To make Boku casino deposits, you don’t even need to sign up for an account.

Simply go to any site where Boku is accepted, select the Boku payment method and confirm your purchase:


Screenshot of Boku payment process

Make a deposit with Boku

Boku payments are available at Titanbet Casino exclusively on mobile. To pay with Boku, you need to visit Titanbet Casino from your mobile device.

Otherwise, Titanbet Casino has a large variety of other payment methods, which can be used from your desktop.

Why pay with boku?

The Boku payment method is as straightforward as they come – no credit card, bank account or registration is needed!

Purchases are charged directly to your mobile bill, often with just one tap. All transactions must be authorised directly from your mobile phones, meaning that sensitive card details are never shared.


Play at our Boku casino


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